Climate Action Hub Exeter

Working to find a community hub in central Exeter, offering a physical space for the public to interact with local environmental and social groups and projects. Where everyone can come together to tackle the climate and ecological crisis, and the social issues which are interwoven with the systematic issues causing climate breakdown.

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Climate Action Hub Exeter is a member of the Exeter Community Alliance along with almost 100 other local groups.

It is part of the Climate Emergency Centre network.


The Climate Action Hub is currently homeless, we are searching for our next premises.

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How can you help?


Once we find new premises we will be looking to grow our volunteer base. If you would like to volunteer at the Hub please contact us.


We have Gift Aid approval so donations get increased by 25%. Donations are really easy at Just Giving. If you have any experience of fund raising or knowledge of particular grants please contact us..

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Climate Action Hub Exeter is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation
(Foundation model, registration number 1198667 with the Charities Commission)

We have four Trustees:


Bex Flintham

A lifelong wildlife conservationist and activist for social and environmental issues, Bex lives in Devon and works as an environmental educator for a wildlife charity, teaching children and young people and adults about the interdependence of humans with the natural world. Past jobs have included working for the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, The John Simonds Trust, and Five A Day Community Garden. Bex also leads community choirs and gives talks to gardening clubs about wildlife. Identifying as queer and non-binary (pronouns they or she), Bex sings with Exeter‘s LGBTQ choir Spectrum. To unwind after a hard day‘s work trying to save the planet, Bex goes wild swimming or walking on the coast or Dartmoor.


Maia Thomas

A 22 year old award winning Equality Activist, EDI Consultant (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion), International Speaker, Social Media Consultant & Instagram Influencer. Maia has worked with over 70 schools across the South West on EDI, delivering assemblies/workshops and mentoring teachers. Throughout her consultancy role she has worked with Devon County Council, many business leaders and firms. One of her latest projects -Feed Our Community, delivered over 2500 free food packages to those in need within the first 6 weeks. Maia strives daily to make long lasting positive change in society. Her work has featured on CNN, BBC, ITV, Sky, The Morning Star and other platforms. Maia has been recognised by winning the Ron Todd award for Equality and featuring in the Mirrors Top 100 Inspirational Women 2021.


Rob Masding

Born in Leicester sometime in the last century, Robert has lived and worked in many parts of England as well as spending some years working in Zambia, Holland and Saudi Arabia. Eventually settling in Devon in 2013 - firstly in Exmouth, where he was elected to Exmouth town Council on a Green party ticket, and now in Exeter. Robertʼs interests include photography, computing and generally involving himself in the community - such as being on the Cornerstone Housing Performance Panel and volunteering with the Queens Crescent Garden Forum. Robert has two children and is divorced.


Chris Wood

Chris is a software engineer wanting to ensure his five grandchildren have a habitable world to live a full life in. Chris has marched with Rock against Racism in the 70s, hitchhiked around Europe, been a despatch rider, become a self taught computer programmer, been a Childrenʼs Advocate, studied Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford as a mature student and jumped out of perfectly fine aeroplanes. Chrisʼs software development company had offices in Surrey and California until the family moved to Devon at the turn of the millennium for a radical life change. Having come across the concept of Climate Emergency Centres in late 2020 Chris is determined to see one open in Exeter to inform the public, promoting community, justice, education and equality to help build a better world.